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Andrea Stern
The Wrong Road Trip (SIGNED)

Photographs and text by Andrea Stern

Design by Andrea Stern

Self published, 2012

Edtion of 150 copies


100 pp., b/w illustrated throughout

148 x 220 mm

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We meet at my father's house on Long Island the night before taking off. We're light on detail: no mention of budgets, itineraries, destinations, or expectations. Unspoken agendas, no one risks compromise. Antoine, Morten and I have logged many hours together since the start of the school year and sometime before winter break, we decide to take a road trip together. We make an unlikely trio; me from New York, Antoine from Marseille and Morten from Oslo, but we find a quick intimacy through the shared language of photography.

I never printed a single picture from the road trip I took in 1991. The negatives lay in boxes for years. I can see myself now: 24 years old, lots of dreams, little wisdom. The photographs come from a time and place long gone but still sharply felt. - Andrea Stern.

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