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Piergiorgio Casotti
Where Does the White Go (SIGNED)

Photographs by Piergiorgio Casotti

Design by Fiorenza Pinna

Self published, 2016

Edition of 500 copies

Softcover with dust jacket

112 pp. , 62 b/w illustrations

205 x 265 mm

ISBN 978-88908695-3-2

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 The absence of words, this is the nature of the relationship I have with the mountain. Long pauses, ancient and vital rhythms perceived in the oblivion, deep breaths, worlds that reveal themselves only through silence and that words would damage. An absence that leaves us untouched by sound-interference and the "white-noise" of human society; an absence that transforms our perspective and brings us back to our primordial perceptions. It's words and chaos that make the silence necessary and so valuable.

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