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David Kregenow
Unter den Linden - Twentyfive Filthy Automobiles (SIGNED)

Photographs and design by David Kregenow

Self published, 2013

Edition of 100 copies


54 pp. , 26 color illustrations

138 x 180 mm

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Unter den Linden – Twentyfive Filthy Automobiles is David Kregenow’s homage to the famous series of small photobooks made by Ed Ruscha through the 1960’s and 1970’s. Kregenow experiments with the medium of photography, language, form and content in a spontaneous one day project. The title is a wordplay that refers to the famous boulevard in the Mitte district of Berlin as well as to what happens, when you leave your car parked under the linden trees = Unter den Linden. 

"Unlike most other deadpan, serial, Ruscha-inspired books, this one is based on a fun idea and contains good pictures - great little book." -- Christian Patterson

"A Ruscha's like book with great humour both in form and subject." -- Rémi Coignet

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