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Adam Lach
stigma (SIGNED)

Photographs by Adam Lach

Text by Darek Kozlenko, Katarzyna Dybowska

Self published, 2014

English edition of 350 copies

Clothbound hardcover

108 pp., 49 color illustrations

214 x171 mm

ISBN 978-83-939574-2-2

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IPA 2014 Best Self Published Photo Book | Beata Pawlak Literary Award 

Stigma tells the story of a family of Romanian Romas living in the outskirts of Wroclaw, Poland. The Roma were met with great hostility when they first settled in the city, over two decades ago, and the majority have since been expelled. But nearly a hundred Roma remain there, living in two settlements that they erected, one in a wasteland and the other in a former garden allotment. Most Roma are not registered residents of Wroclaw, and are considered by many to be illegal residents of the city.

Growing up in Wroclaw, Adam Lach developed a curiosity about the community, and began to question the enduring stigma attached to the group. After his first few visits to one of the settlements, in 2011, Lach wanted to share what he had seen, and to provide a voice for the estranged and predominantly illiterate Roma.

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