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Andres Gonzalez
Some(w)here (SIGNED)

Photographs by Andres Gonzalez

Design by -SYB-

Self published, 2012

Edition of 700 copies


84 pp., 69 color illustrations

165 x 205 mm

ISBN 978-0-615-67250-2

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Some(w)here is a book about a journey in the most concrete and abstract sense of the word. The images were made over a 10 year period and traverse as many countries - Norway, Tajikistan, Mexico, China, Namibia - interwoven to guide the reader through a collage of vivid, yet intangible moments. Delicately designed by the Dutch designer Sybren Kuiper, Some(w)here meanders through this language of place to evoke the perceptual, emotional experience of memory and dream.

"Andres Gonzalez has crafted a dreamy little book of his travels to places unknown. Working with designer Sybrien Kuiper, they have utilized materials and sequencing to create passages that gently pull the viewer in and out of a semi-conscious other-place, other-where." - Christian Patterson

"Andres Gonzalez has been able to create, in a series of photographs, a world we only know from our dreams. Impressions, memories, images from the back of our head, once seen out of the corner of an eye, are captured by the photographer in a surprising and moving way. In the clever design of Sybren Kuiper, one picture following the other, together, in a subtle flow, the images form a booklet of visual poetry." - Bertien Van Manen

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