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Piergiorgio Casotti
Sometimes I cannot smile (SIGNED)

Photographs and text by Piergiorgio Casotti

Design by 3/3

Self published, 2013

Edition of 450 copies


168 pp., 136 black and white illustrations

170 x 220 mm

ISBN 978-88-908695-0-1

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It was with all my questions and wonderings that I found myself flying as a modern pioneer about to discover one of the last unexplored lands. I was flying to Kulusuk, the only port of entry of East Greenland. A couple of hours after landing a helicopter would take me to my destination, the town of Tasiilaq, the capital of East Greenland, the last part discovered only in 1894. 
When one arrives in Greenland it's like crossing an imaginary line. A boundary that marks the end of our world and the beginning of a parallel universe. And suddenly come this line, unexpected, impressive, charming and scary alltogether.” Piergiorgio Casotti

Part of “Arctic Spleen project”, Sometimes I Cannot Smile is a personal, intimate journey inside the Greenlandic juvenile world where nature, violence, boredom and a strong cultural legacy have been claiming for decades the highest and saddest “toll”. That of hundreds of young lives.

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