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Thomas Boivin
A Short Story (SIGNED)

Photographs by Thomas Boivin

Design by Florent Pierre

Self published, 2015

Edition of 100 copies signed and numbered (out of print)


108 pp., 94 b/w illustrations

220 x 310 mm

ISBN 978-2-9542707-2-2

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A Short Story is a book of 108 pages depicting with pictures and text, from the first minute to the last, a 12 day relationnship that started in Italy, continued in Paris and Italy, then ended in Lisbon. The author uses codes from cinema & roman-photo with a carefull use of text in a way that could be linked to Antonioni or Ed Van der Elsken's Love on the Left Bank - yet none of the content of the book is fictionnal. It is instead, along the course of the pages and pictures, an attempt to stay as close as a photobook can be to the narrative and emotions felt in all their dimensions of joy an sadness, as much as desorientation and humour. The result is a complex yet open hearted work.

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