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Salvatore Santoro

Photographs and text by Salvatore Santoro

Design by 3/3

Self published, 2012

Edition of 1,000 copies

Softcover with folded dust jacket

152 pp. + 32 inserts, 88 color illustrations

220 x 290 mm

ISBN 978-88-907794-0-4

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Shortlisted to Dummy Award 2012 at the 5th International Photobook Festival, Kassel

July 1989.
It has been the first time since I heard a Kalashnikov shooting.
And it was against people.
That night, we would have never imagined we had to run away,
looking back embracing some beers.

The photos of this book were taken during three years 2009-2011 in the places along the 54 km of the National Road n. 7 Quater "Domitiana" in the cities of Licola, Lago Patria, Ischitella, Villaggio Coppola-Pinetamare Castel Volturno, Pescopagano, Mondragone, and crossing the Mediterranean coast of the provinces of Naples and Caserta, in Italy.
These are the places of my childhood summer holidays. At that time these places were still pretty wild, just built, with nature still strong. But in those years the legal and illegal building boom began and filled with cement all the area, making it a symbol of unauthorized and environmental destruction.
Illegality calls illegality and over the time this area is further degraded until today to be one of the main drug marketplace of the center-south Italy, headquarters of the Nigerian mafia (born in Castel Volturno and not in Nigeria), the commercial area of ??the Neapolitan Camorra and Mafia Casalese, area of illegal waste.

This book is not a journalistic document about a single event or one theme, but it's a personal project about my home, the place of my childhood. It's about what happened to these places. I tried to explore the changes into the places of my childhood memories by making them collide with reality. The reality is that the direction taken by mankind, is far from reaching a better future which would leave our children better off their parents.

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