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Atsushi Fujiwara
Poet Island (SIGNED)

Photographs by Atsushi Fujiwara

Text by Yoshiyuki Morioka

Design by Koichi Hara

Sokyu-sha, 2015

Edition of 600 copies


72 pp., 61 b/w illustrations

240 x 280 mm

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Published by Sokyusha, Fujiwara Atshushi’s Poet Island is a beautiful and sentimental documentation of the abandoned spaces on Nagashima Island and Nagashima Aisei-en and Komyo-en, sanitariums where the diseased people of Hansen were quarantined away from the rest of Japan.

Having initially visited the island when he was 8 years of age to see his uncle who served as the general manager of the island’s sanitarium, Fujiwara returned again 35 years later and came across a poem by the famous pre-war poet Kaijin Akashi who was amongst those quarantined on Nagashima. Here Fujiwara photographs the traces of life which were once lived by the inhabitants with a delicate intimacy. Empty rooms, buildings and spaces lay overgrown with plant life, reflecting both memories and familiar spaces from both the poet’s past as well as his own. 

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