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Piero Martinello

Photographs by Piero Martinello

Visual contributions by Ramon Pez, Alberto Gobber, Luca Zamoc, Patrick Waterhouse, Alberto Sola

Text by Piero Casentini

Design by Lorenzo Fanton

Self published, 2016

First edition

Embossed hardcover

368 pp., b/w and color illustrated throughout

210 x 265 mm

ISBN 979-12-200-0975-1

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Winner of the 2015 Foto Folio Review, Les Rencontres D'Arles

Selected as one of the Best Photobooks of 2016 by TIME LightBox, Rob Hornstra, Erik Kessels

The book of radicals is an anthropological journey into contemporary Italy portraying individuals whom have made radical choices, of those whom have been forced to make them, of those whom divine grace choose for them, of those whom have inherited them and of those whom haven’t even realized they’ve made the decision.

This is a journey that ranges from a cloistered nun’s convent to a mafia clan’s den, from an illegal rave party to a Santa Gemma’s devout, from a small town’s crazy person to those whom have inherited the facial features of Piero della Francesca’s women.

Starting from strong Italian cultural roots, the book offers a modern view and opens up self interpretation of what isolation, escape, return and discovery means nowadays.

Devotion, Evasion, Deviation, Eversion and Seduction: these are the chapters of the book which is structured like a concept album. It is composed of a series of black and white photographs, archival images, passport photos, illustrations and interviews.

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