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Claire Felicie
Only the Sky Remains Untouched (SIGNED)

Photographs by Claire Felicie

Text by Claire Felicie (English)

Design by -SYB-

Self published, 2017

Edition of 700 copies


80 pp., b/w illustrated throughout

210 x 330 mm

ISBN 9789090299730

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 "To face your traumatic experiences is perhaps the toughest of all missions." Aleid Kaijzer, relief worker at the Veteran Platform and daughter of a veteran suffering from PTSD

For the past two years Dutch photographer Claire Felicie has worked on a project to portray fifteen war veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Soldiers who suffer from PTSD are emotionally wounded and carry these traumas with them all their lives, and their families suffer as well. The project’s goal is to capture how severe this mental state can be, and how imperative it is for those who experience it to receive treatment at an early stage. The photographs were taken at a former weapons factory in Zaandam, the Netherlands. Through interviews and images, Felicie strives to represent the mental wounds of an inner war that continues to be waged.

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