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Trinidad Carrillo
The Name from Mars (SIGNED)

Photographs by Trinidad Carrillo

Text by Johanna Willenfelt, Natasha Christia

Design by Eric Palmér

Self published, 2013

Edition of 900 copies


102 pp. w/ 4 fold-out spreads, 78 color illustrations

215 x 250 mm

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"Some of my images are staged, some are not, some are half way, it's difficult to remember. But what does it matter when in the end, everything turns into a memory? My photographic representations might be fictional, but so are dreams."

In “The Name from Mars”, Trinidad Carrillo visualizes eloquently the incisive existential locus between external reality and dream in the same way the Surrealists chose to do many years ago when photographing themselves with closed eyes at the first photomaton in Paris. A series of images of sleeping figures in a state of somnambulistic trance or unawareness operate as punctums in her story. Submerged into another world, these pictures expose the fleeting moment of live interior motion against a background of generalized immobility. They register, to say the least, all that lies before our eyes when the mists dissolve and the remote landscape of the dream falls apart under the weight of a desire that cannot be fulfilled in real life. For, everyday existence is unable to sustain the logic and order of the dream. What’s more, it is unable to sustain the fluidity of identity or irrational answers to unstated questions. “There is a part of us that wants to know, another part that prefers to leave it hidden like a sacred secret”, says Carrillo. “If you call everything by its name, you will dry it”. And so the language of dreams remains veiled. On the other shore, latent under the foggy horizon, faces and bodies slowly decompose. But the dream persists. In its ecstatic futility, it conjures a space that keeps the desire alive. -- Natasha Christia

In 2008 her work "Naini and The Sea of Wolves" won the Swedish Photobook Award as well as having been selected the previous year for the Discovery Award at Les Rencontres d'Arles by Johan Sjostrom who said, "Carrillo's vision is to catch the things that elude our eyes with her photographs, replacing the 'normal vision', which she finds inadequate, with the vision she finds through her lens instead." It was also nominated for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize in 2008. 

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