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Nick Waplington
Made Glorious Summer (set of 3 books)

Photographs, art work, memorabilia by Nick Waplington

Text by Nick Waplington (English / Japanese)

Design by Fruitmachine Design

Powershovel, 2014

Edition of 500 copies

Softcover, set of 3 books

80 pp. each, illustrated throughout

210 x 295 mm

ISBN 978-4-9902101-7-5

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UK – between 1979 and 1984 when a storm of punk music swept across the country. Young Nick Waplington, bombarded by such things as politics, women, photos, and records, was eager to understand the world, as well as himself. A deceased father who used to work in the nuclear industry, the countless records he was crazy over, fragments of black & white and color photos, the beautiful forest, the blackened sea of Britain. His distant memories link together in the mind of the viewer. A form of expression only possible through a media called photobook.

There was once a period of time when it was believed, that music was king of all, and those who never went through music were nothing. The young, rather than staging their 'fun' life on facebook, were passionate in "what to listen, now".  Back then, we didn't have smartphones or internet, so it wasn't like we were destroyed by the drug-like ways to kill time. Nowadays, real hima*, wild 'hima' is on the verge of extinction. At that time, we had so much hima that we didn't know how to handle them, there weren't many ways to make money, neither were there much people to talk to. We were frightened by the world, but also angry. And the music took all of those in at its core for us. Real hima can be called freedom. Freedom was born from hima, hima then became water, and comforted, hit, and sharpened our wounded minds. It's true, there used to be a time like this, no one now would believe that happened. As Nick Waplington's book finally came out on print, I thought about these things.

"The photographs in this book were taken between 1979 to 1984 except for the colour landscapes of Woking that were made in September 2009. All the memorabilia in the book are things I collected at the time and kept for someday like this, all of the records are my 7inch singles I brought at the time, with a few exceptions that I picked up along the way in life. I decided to restrict this to singles only otherwise it would have been to out of control as project. The black and white pictures were all taken by me from 1980 to 1985 and represent my earliest work, if you can call it that! There are also a few colour pictures taken by me during this period, and also pictures of me taken with my camera by my friends. I should have mentioned that in the middle of the period this book covers my family moved from Woking, Surrey to Steyning, West Sussex. So the book includes both places. I attended Highlands County Secondary School, Woking and Steyning Grammar School, Steyning. This book is dedicated to everyone who attended those schools at the time." 

— Nick Waplington