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Federico Carpani, Indra Kumar Jha

Photographs by Federico Carpani, Indra Kumar Jah

Design by Federico Carpani

Self published, 2015

Edition of 500 copies


220 pp., color illustrated throughout

210 x 280 mm (full spread 84 x 28 mm)

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Selected as one of the Best Books of 2015 by Martin Parr

Shortlisted for Author Book Award, Les Recontres d'Arles 2016

MAA portrays the funeral rituals of Manikarnika, the cremation ground of Varanasi, India, alongside moving images of everyday life in this utterly unique place. A collaboration with Indra – one of the very few people allowed to photograph the events – the book is a sampling of photographs carefully selected by Federico Carpani, from a roughly 10,000 photographs archive created intently over the last few years.

The book pages fold, enabling a structure of two combined sequences, alternating the inside and outside of the folded pages. The outer is a flux of 108 both living and dead headshots, a tribute to the goddess Kali, who wears a garland of 108 slain heads around her neck. The inside is a selection of everyday scenes and stories of life in Manikarnika. Together they serve to accurately depict this singular place.

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