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Yael Martinez
La casa que sangra

Photographs by Yael Martinez

Poems by Hubert Malina

Design by Vera Lucía Jiménez

KWY Ediciones, 2019

Edition of 1,000 copies


70 pp., illustrated throughout

170 x 225 mm

ISBN 0978-612-46702-8-2

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La casa que sangra by the Mexican photographer Yael Martínez is a response to the murder of one of his brothers-in-law and the disappearance of two others, all by the narco, to understand and overcome the trauma of this violence, using for it classic and also prepared documentary photography, responding to dreams and personal visions.

Yael Esteban Martínez Velázquez is a Mexican photographer, based in Guerrero. In 2019 he won the W. Eugene Smith Grant from the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund. He was also granted by the Magnum Foundation in 2016.

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