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Simone Hoang
Ky uc / Memento (SIGNED)

Photographs by Simone Hoang

Text by Simone Hoang (Dutch / Vietnamese)

Design by Sander Pinkse

Self published, 2015

Edition of 100 copies (out of print)

Softcover, pamphlet stitching

40 pp., illustrated throughout

210 x 297 mm

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Memories are part of who you are. You always take them with you. On the basis of those recollections most people are able to tell their history. But my memories of the first eight years of my life are very patchy. I can’t revisit persons and places from that period.

On average you create five memories a day. 5 memories a day, 365 days a year, for 8 years adds up to 14,600 memories.

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