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Guilherme Gerais

Photographs by Guilherme Gerais

Illustrations and design by Arthur Duarte

Text by Rodrigo Grota

Self published, 2014

Edition of 500 copies


184 pp., 16 page booklet, b/w illustrated throughout

200 x300 mm

ISBN 978-85-917523-0-0

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Selected as one of the Best Books of 2014 by Sara Skorgan Teigen

Intergaláctico, the published debut of Guilherme Gerais, is a visually based literary essay. Comprising a narrative in black and white and filled with photographs, illustrations, and small tracings, the book is presented as a map, a guide, a trail to a ritualistic journey, but with an enigmatic starting point: a missing space. 

Captured in cities like Londrina, Capadocia, Prague and Istanbul, these images are alternated in an order that requires immediate participation of the reader: from the beginning there is the invitation for a game, an outcome, a challenge between what is seen and what remains. The strategy, in this case, articulated spontaneously by the photographer, always points to the random, the disorder, the immediacy of an alleged previous life - something that is divided between land, space, and the virtual universe.

"(...) Intergalatico is a very strong and innovative work, but to fully appreciate it, you have to make you available for it. But once you’ve entered it, the book becomes addictive and you create your own reading, flipping randomly through pages." — Christer Ek

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