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Yoshikatsu Fujii
Incipient Strangers (SIGNED)

Photographs by Yoshikatsu Fuji

Text by Yoshikatsu Fujii (Japanese / English)

Design by Yoshikatsu Fuji, Yumi Goto

RPS, 2015

First open edition (out of print)


90 pp., color and b/w illustrated throughout

297 x 420 mm

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Incipient Strangers is a limited edition hand-made photo book with a signed card, produced and sold only during the exhibition of the same name held at Reminders Photography Stronghold. This exhibition by Yoshikatsu Fujii explores the feelings of isolation, alienation and ‘otherness’ which can occur amongst family members. Fujii explores the theme by capturing people, places and objects, and juxtaposing images beside each other to highlight differences. The photographer uses his lens to tackle the idea of what it means to be a stranger within ones’ own family.

"Siblings can be incipient strangers. Even siblings sharing the same blood can become distant and turn into strangers to each other as they each grow and forge their own path in life. Sometimes, we fail to hit it off with friends and eventually lose touch. But with family, no matter how brittle the relationship, it cannot be severed. This makes things even more difficult.

With family, we take liberties to say harsh words and give unwanted advice. With family, we have the sense that our actions will mostly be permitted, and we end up creating an irreparable rift. Had this accretion of incidents caused my parents' divorce? Since coming to see things that way, I decided to try looking at my family as strangers. That meant not standing on formality, but taking pains to consider the other party and work around their needs. If my family were total strangers to me, how would they react if I did such and such? I asked myself these questions and endeavored to avoid unnecessary meddling.

In my honest experience, this approach does not feel as if one is truly valuing the other's existence, and there was something unpleasantly awkward about it. However, the process made me realize that everyone in a family has the same internal conflicts and faces each other with this set of contradictions. This struggle creates each person's image of what that family is. It was through this process that I at last began to see, for the first time, something like the start of our family."

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