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Max Pinckers
The Fourth Wall (SIGNED)

Photographs and text by Max Pinckers

Design by Christof Nussli

Self published, 2012

Edition of 1,000 copies

Softcover with flaps

192 pp. , color illustrated throughout

195 x 273 mm

ISBN ISBN 978 9 0819 7150 8

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Shortlisted for First PhotoBook of the Year | Paris-Photo Aperture Foundation Awards 2013

A photograph of two men in uniform climbing over a fence, escaping. A re-enactment of a moment that just passed. They do it over again with great pride and pleasure. Later I read an article in the newspaper. Two men use sleep-inducing gas to rob a struggling actress in her home; the same gas used in a 1972 super hit film in which a cook robs his landlord. An image that I’ve been planning to make for some time comes to mind – a thick cloud of smoke in a bedroom film set. Two men in uniform sitting in a park. I photograph them. They pretend to have just woken up. On a Bombay rooftop I make a portrait of a Salman Khan look-alike. Another article tells me how a young girl loses herself in this big city in search of her idol, Salman Khan.

"The sleeper book of the year is Max Pinckers' The Fourth Wall by this emerging young Belgian photographer. It is a very nice production, and this self-published book, on a charmingly cheap newsprint examines the idea of the Indian film world and the escapism of this, alongside a very good set of contemporary images. These two ideas are woven together with great skill and the book just seems to work very well." — Martin Parr

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