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Martijn Berk
Falling from a height (SIGNED)

Photographs by Martijn Berk

Text by Oscar van den Boogaard, Christoph Tannert

Design by Sybren Kuiper

Self published, 2013

Edition of 500 copies


114 pp., b/w illustrated throughout

250 x 340 mm

ISBN 978-90-820680-0-9

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Falling from a height tells the story of my obsession for a 20-year-old boy. At first sight, the project might seem to be just a personal document, but at a second glance the project also raises questions that could be applicable to everyone: How far do you go in the quest for intimacy, how do you deal with the primal forces that are awakened? And just how does the power play work between two people? 

The book is designed by Sybren Kuiper and it contains more than 4000 photos: all photos that were shot during the obsession are included in the book as contact sheet. This makes it a book where you will discover new things in every time you read it. Apart from the contact sheets, the book contains 50 large photos and one photo as a spread. The text fragments that were selected by Oscar van den Boogaard from his own books, give the story an extra dimension. Christoph Tannert wrote an essay on the theme.

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