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Andrew Phelps
Cubic / Feet Sec. (SIGNED)

Photographs by Andrew Phelps

Fotohof, 2015

First Edition


112 pp., 60 color illustrations

170 x 227 mm

ISBN 978-3-902993-12-0

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Cubic Feet/Sec., the rate at which flowing water is measured in a river, documents 9 trips by boat through the Grand Canyon which Andrew Phelps made with his father and friends from 1979-2013. Cameras would become fixed elements of every trip, with thousands of images documenting over 4 decades of traveling through the Grand Canyon. For the first time, this deep archive has been edited to tell the story of one trip through the canyon. Time is thrown out the window as Andrew and his father grow older and the canyon stays the same. More than an adventure story of rafting through in the canyon, CFS a visual diary documenting these 2 lives in a beautiful, ancient landscape.

"To the extent that Phelps’ is now guided by a similar determination, Cubic Feet/Sec. is a liberation. In creating a new cut, irrespective of time, order of events, and inclusivity, Phelps releases the photographs from his prior demands of fidelity to one true adventure. No one steps into the same river twice. Phelps taps into the latent power of these photographs to finally be good enough, to stand in for something over and gone, and instantly transformed — an evocation, not a documentation, a story of a trip of a lifetime." — Karen Jenkins, Photo-eye blog

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